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coral minerals in a tea bag make for a healthy water every glass you drink

Mineralize: Every Sachet of O2 contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. These essential minerals (electrolytes) become ionic in water allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily by your body.

O2 is delivered in a pure ionic form, which means it is immediately bioavailable to the body. O2 may also help your body to:

  • Assimilate vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat and the supplements you take
  • Combat arthritis and heart disease
  • Cleanse the kidneys, intestines, and liver
  • Protect your body from free radical cell damage
  • Increase muscle and joint mobility
  • Increase your oxygen levels
  • Control digestive problems
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Manage blood pressure
  • Neutralize harmful acids that lead to illness
  • Help in fighting the battle against cancer and other diseases

Revitalize: Alkalinity = good health. O2 transforms your water into a powerful alkaline beverage, which fights against the physical stress caused by today's fast-paced lifestyles.

It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz. soda. Each time you drink acidic soda, coffee, tea, and energy drinks your body uses its own buffers (from bone and dna) to raise the body's alkalinity to maintain your healthy blood pH level of 7.35-7.45.

To use:  Simply add one sachet to your drinking water, preferably filtered! When the Coral Calcium comes into contact with the water it activates and immediately removes elements such as chlorine and will add magnesium and calcium. And because it's so portable you can take it anywhere you drink water: camping, eating out, the gym, cycling, boating, on trips, in the car, on the golf course, to school with your child… the list is endless.

How Much Does It Cost:  Less than you might think for such a powerful, life changing product! This easy to use health sachet costs about a dollar a day - less than you are probably spending for bottled water right now. Plus, by using this sachet you're helping to save the environment by not adding more plastic (bottled water) to our nation's land fills. To benefit yourself as well as your family, try it today!

SIZE:  30 servings

Your Cost: $30.95
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Potential Benefits
1. Alkalize your Body pH to Resist Disease

Over 100 degenerative diseases including Heart disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cancer have been linked to low pH (acidic body fluids) from a lack of minerals. As a child you have healthy, alkaline body fluids but as you reach your thirties more calcium and minerals leave your body than you ingest so you become increasingly acidic. When your body pH is acidic, there is a lack of oxygen in the cells which leads to disease and accelerated aging. 

You can raise your pH by eating more fruits, vegetables and supplementing with calcium and minerals from Coral. Coral is ideal for raising your pH because it contains all the minerals found your body in the correct ratio - and provides them in a highly bio-available ionized state! 

2. Get ALL the Minerals - not just Calcium
  Calcium does not function alone! - it needs all the other minerals in the correct ratio to help your body's health. Coral Calcium contains every mineral required by your body and it has them in approximately the same balance as your body. The mineral wheel pictured here illustrates the interactions between minerals. You can see by the arrows coming from Calcium that it has interactions with 8 minerals who in turn each have chemical activity with several other minerals and so on. Your cellular functions rely on this synergistic mineral balance. 

Some trace minerals are entirely missing from your food yet they have an important function to play in optimizing your health. Why not get the minerals required for optimal health? 

  "Every mineral is dependent on another to work. An excess of one mineral may inhibit or catalyze the chemical activity of the opposing mineral. This "mineral interference" is critical to bringing about chemical balance in the cell. Coral has all the minerals and elements in the human body in proportionate amounts"
3. Because in Calcium Supplements, "Absorption is King"

You probably know that calcium is one of the most important minerals in your body and that it is needed for every cell to function - and you probably understand that very few people get enough calcium from their diet, but did you know that many Calcium supplements are poorly absorbed? 

When comparing Calcium products it is not how many milligrams you swallow that counts, but how much reaches your cells. Millions use regular Calcium supplements yet Osteoporosis still threatens 28 million Americans! You have to ask 'why'! Recent studies have shown most commonly used calcium supplements have very little absorption. 

Coral provides one of the most bio-available forms of Calcium and minerals available. The little Coral creatures digested sea water containing a perfect mineral balance, and in the digestion process made it bio-available - a more easily absorbed organic form with almost 100% absorption. 

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Coral Minerals (O2 Proformance Hydration)
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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This information is for educational purposes only.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.