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Free Web site Builders
The simple detailing in the Justin11 Weebly theme lends itself well to weddings, events, and even resumes! Weebly is easy to use, clean-looking, and has a lot of customization options. Drag and drop features are stored on a side bar to the left, though you can only put the elements you add in into certain areas of the page. Weebly’s features include free templates, the ability to add maps and in-store items that you can sell directly from your website.  Weebly also allows you to seamlessly add audio and video to the site. Weebly offers additional options with paid plans in case you want to invest your green in your site. Weebly has unlimited storage space, but each file can only be up to 10MB (unless you upgrade). Weebly also has unlimited bandwidth.  

Currently, you can sign up for Weebly Business for $19.54 per month,  Weebly Pro for as low as $6.63 per month or Weebly Starter plan for as low as $3.29 per month, which is about 65 cents per day, 22 cents per day or 11 cents per day, respectively.  Not bad considering most people probably spend way more than that on a cup of coffee or chocolate bar everyday.

Wix  templates are extremely user-friendly and almost make you feel like you’re making a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll be doing a lot of dragging and dropping and text-box editing. Templates are also free. Wix does not allow you to switch templates if you’ve already started a project.  In order to change your template with Wix, you have to start all over.  Wix has an App Market, which offers a lot of features. It also has 500MB of storage and a 500 MB bandwidth limit.  Wix has email support for any questions you might have.

WebStarts is a good fit for those who wants to build very simple, elegant websites. If having a multitude of features at your disposal can make you feel overwhelmed, WebStarts could be your cup of tea. It is very easy to use, straightforward, and is something akin to a trimmed down version of Weebly. One of the things this website builder doesn’t have, which Weebly does, is a huge selection of fonts.  WebStarts includes basic fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and Comic Sans, but templates look sleek. Though you only get 10MB of storage, WebStarts allots you 5GB of bandwidth.

WebNode has a limited number of fonts, but it does have welcome features like the ability to add social media buttons and maps. The templates look generic, but they all work well and look pretty decent. One of WebNode’s best features is its insert images tool, which is easy to use compared with some of its other features, like font switching. WebNode has a learning curve, but using it should come naturally to you in no time. WebNode offers 100 MB free storage and a 1 GB bandwidth limit.

WordPress   is very customizable and has over 100 free themes (tons of paid ones too).  Arguably the greatest things about WordPress are its 3GB of storage space and its lack of a bandwidth limit. The free themes aren’t quite as customizable as they are on Wix, but a lot of the free themes look pretty good already. WordPress will also give you traffic information, which can help you cater your website to your audience.

Webydo is one of the leading B2B online design studios specifically catering to professional web design. The platform was created by designers and for designers’ needs, which is why they have quickly taken on a lot of attention since they started. This website builder also makes use of an interface which is intuitive. Professional designers will certainly love the feel and features of Webydo.  WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to use. There are two plans: FREE and PREMIUM (at only $7.90/month). Webydo is rich with customizable features. Additionally, Webydo has live pro assistance.  

Paid Web site Builders
Weebly - The Easiest Way To Create A Website Currently, you can sign up for Weebly Business for $19.54 per month,  Weebly Pro for as low as $6.63 per month or Weebly Starter plan for as low as $3.29 per month, which is about 65 cents per day, 22 cents per day or 11 cents per day, respectively.  Not bad considering most people probably spend way more than that on a cup of coffee or chocolate bar everyday.  See above for more features.

Squarespace gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. It’s sleek, full of features, pretty, and inexpensive. Squarespace will run you eight dollars a month for the basic package, with rates topping out at $24.00 a month for the “Business” package. $8 a month nets you 500 GB of bandwidth, a mobile website, up to 20 pages, 2 GB of storage, a custom domain, and 24/7 customer support. For $24.00, you get unlimited bandwidth/storage, and more. Like WordPress, Squarespace will also provide you with traffic stats. If you ever develop an affinity for WordPress, Squarespace allows you to export your website into WP. This means you’ll be able to add on features to your website that WordPress has and Squarespace does not, like tag clouds.

Light CMS is a favorite among websites that sell products. Light CMS has great cloud hosting and eCommerce features, including shopping cart/checkout. Galleries re-size and adapt images based on what device you’re using to view a Light CMS webpage. The basic $19.00/month plan you get 10 pages, 1 GB storage, and you can list 100 products. With the $99.00 monthly plan, you get unlimited pages, storage, and product listings. Through Light CMS’ usage of cloud hosting, there’s no bandwidth limit, regardless of what plan you opt for. Font selection is sparse, but Light CMS lets you implement Google web fonts.

Yola (no, not YOLO) offers free and paid plans. Yola is really simple to use and looks clean. For just $4.95 you get unlimited pages, 2 GB storage, a custom domain (.com), and unlimited bandwidth, making Yola one of the better deals out there. The Gold Plan, which costs $16.66 a month, gets you 3,000 stock photos to use, advanced editing, mobile sites, unlimited store, and more. The only downer here is you have to at least use their Silver plan to remove the Yola branding from your site. It also has a really convenient help screen that expands from the bottom corner.

Jimdo has a great interface.  Jimdo has Dropbox integration, which makes using photos from your Dropbox account simple. Jimdo’s eCommerce features are strong and include inventory tracking, the ability to make coupon codes, and automatic generation of purchase confirmation e-mails that get sent directly to customers. Jimdo Pro offers unlimited storage and up to 20 custom email addresses.

Overall, Breezi is easy to use and very customizable.   Breezi’s $9 monthly plan gives you hundreds of fonts to choose from, eCommerce features like the ability to display Yelp reviews on your site, along with completely customizable layouts, Dropbox integration, site stats, no storage or bandwidth limits, and more.  This builder allows you to edit content (like images) quickly and easily with simple adjustment buttons that pop up.

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